Rowena Crowe


  • Women Of Steel
    Women Of Steel
    Forty years ago, Wollongong’s Jobs for Women Campaign, with director Robynne Murphy among its leaders, took on Australia’s most powerful company BHP – and won. But when the 1980s steel slump devastated the city’s economy, the women were forced into the courtroom. Their struggle plays out against a background of societal changes: from anti-discrimination legislation, to the shifting roles of women in the home and workforce. Women Of Steel has screened at international film festivals such as the International Film Festival Sydney 2020. I was the co-editor of the film with Phil Crawford.  
  • All About E
    All About E
    E, a beautiful Sydney DJ seems to have it all. Headlining at a top nightclub, a home with her gay best-friend Matt and a world of women at her feet, but looks can be deceiving. Something is missing.   All About E a feature drama will premiere at Mardi Gras Film Festival Sydney Feb 2015
  • Teach a Man to Fish
    Teach a Man to Fish
    As a fair-skinned Aboriginal man living away from his country, middle-aged Grant struggles with his identity. So, he decides to quit everything and go fishing with his father. This film screened on NITV and came second in the audience award for best documentary during the Sydney Film Festival 2018.  
  • Memoirs Of Plague
    Memoirs Of Plague
    The war against locusts is as old as human civilization. Memoirs of a Plague shows the dramatic encounter between man and locust. Do we live outside or within nature, and who is hunting who? Memoirs of a Plague is a feature documentary that was screened at IDFA, Margaret Mead and Hotdocs.
  • Pieces of Me
    Pieces of Me
    Veronica, Christine, and Elisha Neave, 3 sisters, all young women, may have their perfectly healthy breasts removed in the hope of saving their lives. They’ve all been tested positive for BRCA2, a genetic malfunction, an inherited gene disorder that means they are at a significantly higher than normal risk of breast and or ovarian cancer before they turn 50. Screened Network Nine and Foxtel
  • Double Trouble
    Double Trouble
    A children’s drama series that tells the story of twins, separated at birth, who meet and swap places in an adventure that changes their lives. Explores different cultures: white and black, city and bush, community and urban lifestyles. Screened on Network Nine produced by CAAMA.

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