Rowena Crowe


  • Don’t Wait
    Don’t Wait
    Don't Wait is a series of looping animations inspired by Buddhist mind training concepts. It exists in several forms; on 16mm film as a looping animation for projection and as a online interactive meditation designed for hand held devices. The interactive version can be seen at It has been exhibited on 16mm at the Byron School of Art  BSA project space Mullumbimby as part of a group show called ‘Each to Each’ and as an interactive 'book' on a ipad at the 6th Annual Art Book and Multiples fair held at the Queensland College of Art.
  • Artist in residence Rotterdam
    Artist in residence Rotterdam

    Dot and The Tyrannosaurus was an installation using interactive old school hand cranked animation machines and was the result of a residency at Kaus Australis. It was shown at the ‘Route Du Nord 10th anniversary’ exhibition in Rotterdam in 2015.

  • Leerlooien
    Leerlooien is a short animation commissioned by the art organisation BKKC in The Netherlands for an app on a land art walking and cycling route. I was inspired by old machines I found on a visit to the leather museum in Waalwijk. The sound track is made by actual recordings of these machines.
  • Music for projection
    Music for projection
    5 animations for projection commissioned by The Letter Quartet. Projected at the Melbourne Recital Centre 2016.
  • Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary was a looped animation projection using video mapping software commissioned during my MA animation at St Joost by the Huis Voor Beeldcultuur. The animation team are Rowena Crowe, Armando Goedgedrag and Raimke Groothuizen.
  • DropStuff
    A silent short animation commissioned and screened by DropStuff for the art in public spaces screens showing throughout The Netherlands.

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